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Gjelina Will NOT Modify Your Order, Celebrity or Not

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Anybody who has ever dined at Gjelina in Venice probably knows that the restaurant, like many others around town, adheres to a strict "no substitutions" policy. According to the LAT, chef and television personality Gordon Ramsay recently dined at the restaurant with a very pregnant Victoria Beckham, and when she asked for the smoked trout salad to be served with the dressing on the side, the restaurant declined. Gordo is in a tizzy about the whole thing telling the LAT, "The lady's pregnant!" then "No one is asking to be fussy.... I still think that's the customer's prerogative.... It was a sour note. I don't think customers should be treated that way. That might not be the way I choose to eat it, but that's what the customer wants." Anyway, the LAT contacted Gjelina by phone to discuss the matter, however the manager on duty had nothing to share and pretty much just hung up. Ouch. The verdict is out on this one, but do restaurants sometimes take the "no substitutions" policy a bit too far? Thoughts welcome in the comments.
·Gordon Ramsay aghast at 'Lady Victoria's' treatment at Gjelina [LAT]


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