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LudoBites America's Final Dinner, LudoBites 7.0 Back in Aug

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After a barrage of press last year, it has lately been more quiet on the Ludo front. That's not to say anybody has forgotten about chef Ludo Lefebvre's Sundance tv show, Ludo Bites America, in which the chef travels around the country hosting LudoBites pop-ups, the temporary dining engagement he originated in LA. Anyway, Darin Dines was able to score a resy for Ludo Bites America's final dinner last night which was filmed for the show at Casa Pulido in Redondo Beach. As per usual, curiously creative cocktails and dishes emerged from the kitchen and bar (tomato water tequila drink, mezcal with worms, brocamole and chips, squid and banana) and Darin concludes that "Ludo continues to work with familiar ingredients in new ways, continually experimenting and testing flavor profiles. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but most of the time it does." In other Ludo-related news, Ludo Bites 7.0 returns to LA in August. [Darin Dines]