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Are Two Restaurants Better Than One? Bubba Diego’s and Crossroads BBQ Connect Cuisines in West LA

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Elizabeth Daniels 6/11

Here now, a prime case of indecision. What happens when one can't decide on a single restaurant concept? The answer, apparently, is to open two starkly different eateries back-to-back. Different concepts, different menus, different interiors, same owner: Mario Ernst of Dinah’s Family Restaurant. Pick your poison, Mexican from Bubba Diego’s or barbecue at Crossroads BBQ? No need to decide in advance because both menus are served within each restaurant.

At Bubba Diego’s one will find typical Mexican eats like guac and house-made tortilla chips, ceviches, plus tequila and sangria to drink. Meanwhile, Crossroads serves bbq staples inclusive of baby-back ribs, Kansas City-style beef ribs, pulled pork, slow smoked beef brisket, with classic cocktails (full bar), a few craft beers, and wine alongside. Both restaurants are now soft open and a grand launch is set for June 9.
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