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Meet The Glowfish Truck, Confusion at Axe, Santa Maria BBQ Co. For Sale

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MEAL ON WHEELS— Still more food trucks on which to report. LAW notices that the Glowfish Truck launched over the weekend slinging "Japanese Festival Cuisine" (??) per its website. Think this list of customizable okonomiyaki (savory pancake), teppan yaki (griddle-cooked dishes), and agemono (deep fried proteins). [LAW]

VENICE— As construction continues over at 1009 Abbot Kinney, Yo! Venice! reports that Axe will not be coming back. But then again there is this Craigslist post from earlier this month that says Axe IS coming back. What's the deal? Tips welcome in the comments. [Yo! Venice!]

CULVER CITY— The currently serving Santa Maria BBQ Co. is up for sale on LoopNet. Asking price $250,000 for 2,300 square feet and some "equipment, fixtures, and furnishing," two years remain on the lease. [LoopNet]


1009 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 (310) 664-9787 Visit Website