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The Quotable Gail Simmons

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Screen%20shot%202011-06-20%20at%201.00.12%20PM.pngOver the weekend in Aspen, Eater posed the following question to Top Chef judge Gail Simmons: "Have you recently discovered any unknown talents our readers should know about?" Her response: "Jordan Kahn at Red Medicine in LA. He's a pastry chef coming from a white tablecloth background. It's been awhile since I've been to a restaurant and seen something totally original on a plate. It was all totally new. He's a pastry chef but his food is very savory. It kind of blew my mind. Not everything is something I want to eat every night, but the way he plates food is extraordinarily striking. He blurs the line between pastry and savory. There is no line — he just treats ingredients in new ways. Beautiful, savory, satisfying." [EaterWire]