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Red Rooster Bakery Serves Santa Monica

Phone: 310-399-1033
Status: Opened Saturday
On Saturday Bruce Marder (Capo, Cora's Coffee Shop, House Cafe) softly opened his shiny new sweets spot, Red Rooster Bakery. Red Rooster serves as the main production facility where all pastries and breads are baked for Marder's restaurants around town, but the bakery also offers a small retail component as well. Over the weekend only a limited selection of his bagels, rolls, scones, cookies, and tarts were on offer, but down the line Marder plans to sell everything from sesame bagels to lemon pine nut sables to burrata (!!) cream cheese. With regard to the bakery's layout, there's no delineation between the actual bakespace and the retail area, just a counter on wheels displaying the day's goods, but feel free to grab a cup of Illy coffee and walk straight back through the kitchen to the outdoor patio where a few tables and chairs are set up for lounging. Red Rooster is now open from 10AM-5PM daily.
Additional Photos: Eater LA Flickr Page
Additional Reading: Plywood Report, 5/12

Red Rooster Bakery

1013 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA