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LudoBites 007 at Gram & Papa's Runs August 3-September 10

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Ludo's bizzzack bitches! And it's not surprising that the pop-up king decided to return to last year's stomping ground, Gram & Papa's. Prepare your browser because reservations for LudoBites 007 begin on Bastille Day, July 14 at 4PM via OpenTable, hopefully the system won't crash like last year. In any event, Ludo's stint runs from August 3 to September 10, and as per usual he intends to offer "[t]welve to 15 dishes served tapas-style" with most plates priced under $20. The theme of 007 pulls from his travels across the country shooting LudoBites America with the expected French twist. Right now Ludo is perfecting dishes such as: "steak tartare flambé; cold bouillabaise, whipped potato and smoked fish eggs; duck 'au sang'; frog legs with butter emulsion; oyster and pigs feet; eggs and sea urchin; 'playful' deconstructed pot au feu; peach Melba; lemon tart; and chocolate cake with mint ice cream."
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LudoBites at Gram & Papa's

227 East 9th Street Los Angeles, CA 90015