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El Pollo Loco To Make World's Biggest Man-Made Fire

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In a show that can only be described as hot, tomorrow from 3-5PM El Pollo Loco on Sunset will erect the largest ever 25-foot bow drill (a fire-making tool) and attempt to break the existing Guinness World Record by starting a fire with the monstrocity. El Pollo Loco employees will pull the bow drill’s ropes in effort to generate friction and start the fire. PR says that “if all goes according to plan, the flame will be placed on El Pollo Loco-wrapped Vespas to signify the spreading of flame to El Pollo Loco restaurants north, east, south and west so all restaurants are symbolically united by the same flame-- hand made by its employees. This is all part of their new ad campaign showcasing how most everything in their restaurants is made by hand – except fire. They are setting out to change that AND break a record while they’re at it. It should be a fun and visual event.” Something like that. [EaterWire]

El Pollo Loco

5319 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90027