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Doomie's Home Cookin' Suffers Fire, Shuttered For Now

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Quarry Girl is quiet disturbed to learn that yesterday Doomie's Home Cookin', the vegan restaurant that relocated from Chinatown to Hollywood late last year, suffered an electrical fire and is shuttered for the time being. Apparently, the blaze broke out while management was out taping a segment for KTLA. Yesterday Quarry Girl was rallying for an electrician to come by the restaurant, and per Doomie's Facebook page looks like that got taken care of: "UPDATE: We got an electrician in to safely hook up our fridges and segregate the screwy wires. We're going to try and go get some sleep now..." It does sound like Doomie's will reopen.
·fire at doomie’s! please help our beloved restaurant! [QG]


1253 N Vine St., Hollywood, CA