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Sprinkles Enters New Territory with Red Velvet Ice Cream

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Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, Sprinkles cupcakes has experienced a considerable amount of growth in its relatively short six year life. The bakery opened its first cupcake boutique in Beverly Hills back in 2005 and since then has experimented with a truck, appeared on tv, and launched a slew of additional outposts spanning from SoCal to NYC. Williams-Sonoma even sells a Sprinkles cupcake mix, talk about branding. So, what's next?

Remember that report last year on Sprinkles expanding next door into the shuttered La Salsa? Well, word on the street is that Sprinkles will enlarge its kitchen into this neighboring space and also debut an ice cream parlor featuring red velvet ice cream, expected to open somewhere between December and February 2012. Think brownies, cookies, and full size cakes. All covered in pastel dots. Jk.
·La Salsa Shutters, Sprinkles Expands Its Cupcake Empire [~ELA~]

Red Velvet Ice Cream

9635 S Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA, 90210