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Last Call at Dinner House M on June 8

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You might have heard about M, M's, Miki's or maybe never even knew that name since you showed up at 3:30AM. It's that white building with the fence out front, sometimes there was a security guard by the gate, sometimes not. The bar and ramen haunt, famous for serving until 6AM (though with irregular hours and days of operation since it seemed to continually be shut down by police), will be indefinitely finished as of June 8 due to repeat liquor license violations (shocker). Dinner House M (apparently the formal name) lasted over two decades in a city where bars and clubs shut down by 2AM. Not a bad run. In other news, owner Miki Saito plans to open a new restaurant or club downtown. [LAT]

Dinner House M

1263 W. Temple St, Los Angeles, CA