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Elephants Taste Bites From Local Chefs at the LA Zoo's 41st Annual Beastly Ball, Hosted by Betty White, To Honor Slash

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Yesterday everyone's favorite old lady, Betty White, held court at the Los Angeles Zoo where Pink's Famous Hot Dogs and Yummy Cupcakes faced off in a test tasting battle alongside food by chefs from Sof'ella Gourmet Natural Foods, El Cholo, Parkway Grill, Celestino, La Poubelle, Maison Akira, Canale, momed, Glorious Gourmet & Garnish Café and others. The judges, elephants Billy, Jewel, and Tina, looked hungry and a little listless as they waited for the food. Their expertise was mainly in peanuts, but they were game for a little something different in the name of Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association's 41st Annual "Beastly Ball" Fund-Raiser takes place in two
weeks on June 18. After all, this year the ball honors rock legend Slash.

To raise awareness about the animals she loves so dearly, Betty asked her favorite chefs to come out and serve three elephants the same cuisine they would be serving guests that night for dinner. Highlighting the new Elephants of Asia habitat, the event attracted about 30 foodies, media and animal lovers (hundreds more were expected for the late night ball). Was there a winner? Not really. The elephants ate everything, and seemed to especially enjoy the watermelon and fruit. Everyone had a hot dog and loved the peanut butter cupcakes. [EaterWire]