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Big Time Harvey's Serves Sammies Today

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Phone: 310-397-4900
Status: Open today
Slight delays prevented Big Time Harvey's from opening as initially projected in April, but now just over a month later the casual neighborhood sandwich shop is ready for its close-up. Owner Matty "Soccermom" Goodman fits the Jack of All Trades model, he grew up in LA manufacturing chili, corned beef, and "especially pastrami" for hubs inclusive of Pink's and Langer's, but then went off to work in the entertainment industry. He even opened Head Salon in Santa Monica and Venice and considers himself "a professional hair and make-up artist." Then along came Big Time Harvey's, Matty's newest endeavor on Washington Blvd, located within close proximity of A-Frame and Waterloo & City. This no-frills sandwich shop touts the "best pastrami on the westside" served either hot or cold, small or large, with pickles and mustard, or on rye with mustard.

The rest of the menu (all plates under $10) involves a few burgers, more hot and cold sandwiches, hot dogs, and some salads topped with fish, beer, chicken, or pork. The cafe itself has a sort of (kid-friendly?) farm-theme evident above with a few tables and a small standing room only lunch bar up front. Hours of operation run daily from 11AM-11:30PM.
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Big Time Harvey's

12473 W. Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90066