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Rosé Brings Coastal Cool and a "Celebrity Mixologist" to Town, Hopefully Opening Next Week

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This here atypically shaped venue is none other than the new home to Rosé restaurant, not Rose Merci as originally considered. And that Craigslist ad from early last week was spot on. NYC-based partners David Kay and Kamran Pahlavi introduce Rosé as a St. Tropez-inspired restaurant that "captures the essence of the French Riviera lifestyle" via an indoor/outdoor dining setup and "seasonally-inspired Provençal cuisine" prepared by chef Emmanuel Pradet, inclusive of, wait for it, custom-made rosé wine. Naturally.

So far we're told that Rosé's interior was designed by Antonio Di Oronzo "to reflect 1960s St. Tropez," which translates to "pop photography, nautical touches, rosé-colored mirrors and a playful communal table." Playful communal table? Intriguing.

Details on food specifics have yet to be revealed, but the alcohol situation is under command of mixology whiz Alex Ott (NYC) who will make use of "all-natural fruits, herbs, syrups, extracts and spices." And while that doesn't sound all that exciting, since, pretty much every bar nowadays touts the farm-to-table cocktail thing, just read this recent NY Times article that describes Ott as a mad scientist and calls him a "celebrity mixologist." Sounds like the business.

Rosé will serve dinner nightly, with brunch offered on Saturday and Sunday. Right now Pahlavi and Kay are waiting on inspections and plan to open next week.
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