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Darioush Becomes Tak Restaurant, Still Tastes Like Darioush

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Remember Darioush on La Cienega? It's okay if you don't, we don't blame you. The French-Persian hybrid (which eventually became Mediterranean) opened (4/10), closed (4/10), opened (6/10), closed (11/10), opened (12/10), then closed permanently. That's gotta be a record! New management has come in to launch Tak restaurant though many signs from Darioush days are still in place. Not much has changed by way of decor, and the menu itself remains Middle Eastern/Persian with just a few additions/substitutions. The restaurant's motto: "...fine food, fine wine in a fine place to unwind."Hmm. Signs point to Darioush 4.0.
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Tak Restaurant

111 N. La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA, 90211