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District's Death Only Means That Township Is On The Way

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George Abou-Daoud (The Bowery, Delancey) always has several projects happening at once. He just opened Rosewood Tavern (as in, like, three weeks ago), he has a few ideas about what to put into that tiny space next to Tinga, and now comes word that his year and a half old restaurant, District, has folded. While District's defunct website says "New Place Coming Soon," Abou-Daoud confirms "I closed district to open a new place. Probably open in 2 months or so. Of all my places, its the only one that didn't feel like a George place. Not the design or the room, just the feel of it. I was wasting a great space on a place I didnt like." So, into the District space comes Township, a place Abou-Daoud describes as "an Americana kitchen and saloon." Curious. Meanwhile, just fyi, Mercantile, the next door cafe and market is still alive and well. [EaterWire]

Township Kitchen Americana & Saloon

6612 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028 323 464 5700 Visit Website

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