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East West Lounge Reverts Back to Revolver This Summer

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East West Lounge, a gay bar located on Santa Monica near San Vicente in Boystown, will shutter at the end of this month. East West took over the popular 22 year-old Revolver bar back in 2004 and changed things up from a casual video bar known for cheap drinks and entertainment, to what it is now, a more upscale (hotel lobby-esque) venue with pricey beverages. However, new management is moving in and this summer East West will once again live as Revolver. Revolver 2.0 will focus on its roots as a video bar with Karaoke, inexpensive cocktails, and a more casual but still hip vide. Look for a relaunch this summer. [EaterWire]

East West Lounge

8851 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069