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Of Interest: Gjelina Take Away Grants Menu Omissions, But Still Declines Substitutions

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Last week, the LA Times reported that Gordon Ramsay and a preggers Victoria Beckham had dined at Gjelina. When Posh Spice asked for the salad dressing on her smoked trout salad to be served on the side, the restaurant refused to accommodate. Needless to say, Gordo was most displeased. Here on Eater, 54 commenters shared opinions on whether the restaurant, known for its "no substitutions" policy should or should not have catered to the pregnant celebrity. And in fact, in this situation, as commenter #2 pointed out, dressing on the side wasn't really a substitution, rather a modification or omission.

So, after this debacle, it was interesting to notice that on GTA's (Gjelina Take Away) menu, the restaurant has softened, ever so slightly, with regard to its dish alteration policy: "Omissions granted, substitutions declined."
·Gjelina Take Away Serves Simple Comfort Food To-Go [~ELA~]
·Gjelina Will NOT Modify Your Order, Celebrity or Not [~ELA~]



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