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SBE Rocks Out With The Sayers Club in Hwood, Now Open

Sort of out of left field, without advanced warning, sbe's The Sayers Club held a series of soft opening private parties which kicked off late last week. But as of last night (Jason Scoppa's Bday party, but we'll discuss him down below), the venue is now open to the public. Say what, The Sayers Club doesn't sound familiar? Well, it's that same speakeasy-esque lounge mentioned way back in January, supposedly "unlike any other sbe nightlife venue built yet" (according to PR), connected to Papaya King next door. And, taking a page from the PDT and La Esquina (or Please Don't Tell, an NYC cocktail lounge in which one enters through a telephone booth from a hot dog shop called Crif Dogs; and La Esquina a casual Mexican eatery where one can pass to the downstairs lounge through the venue's kitchen) guidebook, one steps into The Sayers Club through... wanna guess? Papaya King, indeed.

Important points to note. Ryan Magarian of Liquid Relations cocktail consulting (sbe, RS/LA, among other bars and lounges) created the libation list of classics plus fruity newsomethings, and while Eater has yet to see it, word on the street is that a single alcoholic beverage costs a whopping $18 (maybe Jeremy Piven can elaborate). And this is for a venue that touts a rougher, non-glitzy, more accessible aesthetic. Apparently no fancypants interior, but fancypants cocktails, yes yes. Oh, and one more note on the interior, it was described as "Dracula's castle meets Harvard & Stone with bottle service." OMG.

Moving right along, the draw here, aside from $18 cocktails, is that The Sayers Club functions as a live music venue curated by "nightlife director" Jason Scoppa (Bardot). Performances are unannounced, so you'll never know in advance who's playing. And of course, the best part of it all, when you stumble out at 2AM, the change you have leftover from those reasonably priced cocktails will buy you a hot dog next door.
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The Sayers Club

1645 Wilcox Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028 323 871 8233 Visit Website

The Sayers Club

1645 Wilcox Ave., Los Angeles, CA