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Ray's and Stark Bar Lands 2.5 Stars; Gold Talks Noodle Boy

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1) Mid-Wilshire: SIV presents two and a half stars to Ray's and Stark Bar, the recently opened mid-centruy restaurant and bar at LACMA. Compared to the museum's previous eatery, Sher says "[t]his one...has more ambition and is actually pulling it off. The 3-month-old Ray's can easily hold its own against some of Los Angeles' best Mediterranean bistros." Chef Kris Morningstar has, "[i]n the span of three months...refined and rethought the menu. The food is often surprising, almost always delicious...Morningstar tends to change the dishes on the menu faster than Lady Gaga comes up with outfits. Each meal I've had at Ray's has been almost completely different from the one before. He's constantly fiddling with sauces, with presentation, with the lineup of dishes. After an initial disappointing meal, each time I've been to Ray's the kitchen has been stronger. A last meal was flat-out terrific. It's as if that first month was dress rehearsal. Now the lights have been switched on and all systems are humming." Which, aside from food, includes " a sweet talker" sommelier who is " one of the most engaging and enthusiastic around" and desserts that "are a pleasure." At Ray's "dinner is the real draw" but "brunch or lunch at Ray's followed by a visit to the museum could be a wonderful way to spend a day in L.A." [LAT]

2) SGV: In April The Goldster tackled Noodle Guy, today he shares thoughts on Noodle Boy. Don't miss the wontons, "fat dumplings made with coarsely chopped shrimp and wrapped in gauzy noodles that contain their muscly bulk like...These wonton are wondrous things, delicate and lightly crunchy, scented with toasted oil...If you spend much time in the area, you may recognize these wonton, which were the specialty of the late Alhambra restaurant Wonton Time. They were the go-to wonton in the San Gabriel Valley, probably — at least the best Hong Kong–style wonton, which considering the competition is saying a lot...But the important topping here, nearly as crucial as the wonton, is the house-made fish ball — less like the firm, rubbery things you usually find in this neighborhood and more like airy slabs of perfected Chinese gefilte fish: soft, white and juicy, coarsely ground but almost delicate, perfumed with white pepper and green onion." [LAW]

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Ray's and Stark Bar

5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90036