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SBE Invests in Umami Resto Group For Nationwide Expansion

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Let's just cut right to the chase: Last night Umami creator Adam Fleischman confirmed that SBE/Sam Nazarian has invested in all of his projects inclusive of Umami, Red Medicine, UMAMIcatessen, 800° and U-ko, (the fast food version of Umami, big news on this next week!). Funds will be used for that previously mentioned nationwide Umami growth and new concept expansion of UMAMIcatessen. Despite Umami's new partner, Fleischman retains control of Umami Restaurant Group and will maintain his title as owner/CEO.

Eater also hears, and this has not been confirmed, that the new dream team plans to open 12 new units per year, all eco-friendly, which makes sense because last January Fleischman estimated about 10 units per year that would place "emphasis on environmentally friendly materials."
·Umami Burger Going Fast Casual and Nationwide [~ELA~]

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