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101 Noodle Express Opens New Location in Culver City

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[Photos: Sinosoul]

In 2006 The Goldster flipped his lid over the beef roll at 101 Noodle Express in Alhambra, catapulting the restaurant into a food blogger frenzy. Which explains the excitement surrounding 101 Noodle Express' July 1 opening at the Westfield Culver City mall, occupying a small but central spot within the Dining Terrace. This could be another Panda Express, but isn't (there is actually a Panda Express at the food court). It has taken the small shop five years to capitalize on its fame, first in Irvine (May 2011), and now, finally, on the Westside.

Per the restaurant's on site manager, the grand opening is still two weeks out, and the current menu is limited to "noodles" and "bing," ie rolls. The wok stir fried dishes are still not available, nor are some key ingredients (think: seafood). Do not expect SGV prices as a three piece beef roll costs $6.25. A certain "turkey roll" also makes a surprising appearance at this mall location, no doubt to appeal to Westside sensibilities. The good news: those who crave Chinese beef noodle soup can finally stop battling the 10 freeway. With Xi'an Famous Foods pondering LA expansion, the battle line has been drawn in this bicoastal fight for Chinese chainlet supremacy. [EaterWire]
— TC