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Pizzeria Il Fico Soft Launches Pugliese Plates Tonight

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Elizabeth Daniels 7/11

The former Michel Richard space on Robertson has been reoutfitted into Pizzeria Il Fico and over the weekend management invited in friends and family to prepare for today's soft opening. A tipster writes in to say, "I was invited to a preview of Pizzeria Fico on Sunday afternoon. It was very good with three Pugliese chefs in the kitchen and much more than pizza. Great space." The wood-burning pizza oven has been tempered in preparation for service and partner John Tierney (Muse) explains that "we will have limited dinner service for the next couple of weeks as we complete training and will be offering our Preview Menu. Grand Opening still a week or two away depending on how quickly we get up to speed."

In addition to Tierney, the two other driving forces behind Fico fall to chefs Nicola Mastronardi and Giuseppe Gentile who have tamed the flames at Vincenti Ristorante. In fact, Mastronardi will bounce between the two restaurants since he's still EC at Vincenti, meanwhile Gentile, who left his sous chef position, will be at Fico full time. Here the team plans to serve a lengthy list of Pugliese pizza, house-made pastas, salads, and secondi based on market availability.
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Pizzeria Il Fico

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