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How To Open a Restaurant

Screen%20shot%202011-07-10%20at%2010.24.43%20PM.pngLast night VH1 premiered its new restaurant reality competition/show, Famous Food, in which a slew of "celebrities" attempt to transform the defunct Ketchup on Setset into a new eatery under the guidance of Mike Malin and Lonnie Moore of The Dolce Group. Last night one of the more vocal contestants, Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos) shared insight on the proper way to open a new venue: "...for 20 years I was in the nightclub restaurant of the problems you have in opening up a restaurant is you have the health department, the building department, the fire department and the only way I know how to take care of 'em is to slip 'em an envelope. I'm old school." [VH1]