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Venga, 'Lette Macarons, Tender Greens: Now Serving

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Elizabeth Daniels 7/11

1) Beverly Hills: That previously mentioned patisserie and gelato shop, Venga, opened today on Canon. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and some bottled beverages (Orangina, Mexican Coke) are served in line with mint stracciatella, hazelnut, and Greek yogurt gelati made from organic milk and whipped into form via Pacojet. There's also a few sorbets and a dairy-free gelato called Superleggera (made from egg whites, sugar, and lemon), named "for the super light Lamborghini 350 GT," says pastry chef and partner Kriss Harvey (Wynn, Joel Robuchon, Oriol Balaguer). He's also a self-proclamied car nut which explains why a small cup of gelato is called Giulietta (Alfa Romeo) and a large cup is named Gran Turismo (Maserati). Other than the frozen stuff, check out this menu of soup/salad/sandwich lunch fare, then end with a passion fruit tart, cannele, or tarte au chocolate. 460 N. Canon Dr.

2) Pasadena: Pasadena Scoop brings word that ‘lette Macarons, previously Paulette Macarons, opened July 8 on S. Fair Oaks. Tender Greens also debuted its new bottle-free eatery on July 8, Brigham Yen shares interior shots. 14 S. Fair Oaks Ave.; 621 E. Colorado Ave