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Game On: The Show Starts on Saturday at Vodvil

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Elizabeth Daniels 7/11

Let's start with the exterior (click to the very last photo in the above pictured set). Vodvil, which sits on Fairfax just north of Beverly Blvd, actually looks like a theater stage. Those horizontal lines where the Vodvil name is positioned are the horizontal curtains, that middle grey area could be the center stage, and then the two areas to the left and right would be hanging curtains. Maybe.

But let's walk through the curtains into the nighttime entertainment haunt which wants to entertain and feed you, all the like. The space. Vodvil was designed by Ralph Gentile Architects (Red O) and that main area in front of the stage feels like a scene straight out of Dazed and Confused. Each room captures the 1970s with retro furniture in (mostly) hues of brown, green, and orange.

As one might recall, this is an entertainment venue that offers games for adults. Of course there's karaoke, and separately each night will focus around a different theme such as “Face the Music Tuesdays” and “Word Game Wednesdays.” A host runs the show and winners receive kitchy prizes: kosher hand sanitizer, a book of insults and comebacks, Speak Canadian mouth spray, and some candy.

Jamie Lauren, who most recently cooked at Beechwood, created Vodvil's small bite comfort food menu that includes Homemade Chips and Onion Dip; Mama’s Tuna Croquette; Sliders (Lamb Burger, Turkey Sloppy Joe and Falafel); and Shake and Bake Fried Chicken. To drink there's a full bar with specialty punches. Vodvil is hosting a private soft opening this evening, but debuts to the public on July 16. Hours of operation run Tue to Thu, 5:30PM to 12:30AM; Fri and Sat, 5:30PM to 2AM.
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