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The Light Shines Rose at Rosé, Open Tomorrow

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Elizabeth Daniels 7/11

This rosy little number right here is the new Rosé, located on La Cienega's restaurant row smack dab between Nobu and Oak Fire Pizza. In preparation for tomorrow's opening night of service, here's a looksee around the space. Interior designer Antonio Di Oronzo drew inspiration from St. Tropez in the 1960s and also quite obviously drew inspiration from the restaurant's name. EVERYTHING is rose-colored. Cushions, artwork, tabletop, even Rosé's exterior was painted a mix of rose and white.

Chef Emmanuel Pradet has yet to release his Provençal menu, but Urban Daddy says that Goose Fat Roasted Potatoes and Moules Façons Rosé will be served. NYC-based mixologist Alex Ott flew into LA on Saturday to train Rosé's bar team, expect just over a dozen fresh fruit mood-enhancing elixirs. Need a hangover remedy? There's a cocktail for that.
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