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LudoMania Reaches Peak, Diners Trading Tables on Craigslist

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Yesterday, at 4PM, OpenTable's online reservation line for pop-up king Ludo Lefebvre's LudoBites 007 opened up. But, within minutes, or, per commenters, seconds, every table was claimed. WTF?! Now this. In the frenzy to secure a table, diners snatched whatever seating was available, and a couple tables have since been listed on Craigslist: "Trade my Ludo Bites reservation for yours 8/5/2011" and "Lets trade Ludo Bites 7.0 Reservations my 8/4/11 for yours ?" OMG.
·As If Anybody Is Surprised, LudoBites 007 Is Now Sold Out [~ELA~]