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The Mysterious Hollywood Pies Brings Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza to LA, Food Truck Launching in Two Weeks

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A few curiosities exist with regard to the newly launched Hollywood Pies. Firstly, the month-old pizza delivery/take-out company's founder, "David," declined to share his last name. He said he wants this concept to be about the food, not about him. Mmk. Secondly, if you check Hollywood Pies' Yelp listing (which holds a shining five star rating with 17 reviews, nonetheless), no exact address is provided, just "N La Cienega." Odd. Sure, this is just a delivery spot, but still, the address is a secret? Not quite but good luck finding the restaurant if you decide to take out. Here's Yelper Rob S' tale of take-out from Hollywood Pies:

"...The 'strange part here is that Hollywood pies is only a take-out operation at this time. You've got two options. Either have them deliver, or come pick it up. And when you come to pick it up, you're not running into a restaurant and paying at a cashier. In fact, good luck finding the address. It's not even on their website! There's nothing curbside to tell you the store just sort of have to know where it is. And so you pull up on the street and someone will run down to the curb with your pizza and take your money. Frankly, handling this transaction at night makes one wonder if you're at risk for being arrested for some sort of drug transaction. After all, the pick up location is between an out-of-business Mexican restaurant and an open-for-business strip club. But hey, maybe that helps the folks from Chicago feel right at home too. I sort of wondered if my pizza was being prepared in someone's home kitchen in an apartment off of La Cienega Blvd. Perhaps the joke is on us here. But good for them if that's the case!"

Anyway, here's the deal. "David" hails from Chicago and decided to bring Chicago-style deep-dish pizza to LA. He touts "high quality" and "homemade" ingredients in his pizzas, a menu and photos can be viewed here. In about two weeks "David" plans to launch the mobile version of Hollywood Pies, aka the Hollywood Pies food truck, but no exact debut date has been set. The vehicle is currently being wrapped, stay tuned for more. [EaterWire]