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Final BURLAP Update and Menu, Chef Brian Malarkey Considers LA Restaurant Next

One final update before chef Brian Malarkey (whose mug is right up there) softly opens BURLAP's doors later this week. Above, the almost complete space designed by Thomas Schoos, and here now a copy of the rather unique menu. Though Malarkey is bringing a few of his most popular items from his debut restaurant Searsucker (shishito “schoos,” drunken swordfish, shrimp and grits), at BURLAP he tests the waters with more exotic offerings.

Some of the more interesting preparations include “natural Viagra” consisting of uni, true caviar, and a quail egg on top of an oyster; sake poached shrimp; venison carpaccio; “chicken balls;” an uni/crab louie; firecracker duck wings; an angry whole snapper; and rotisserie options like a whole duck or roast pig. For an early taste come by the Canter benefit on July 19, tickets cost $40, or there's an opening party on July 20 which costs $150. The latter soiree is an all-you-can-eat situation plus DJ thing. Dinner service officially starts on July 21.

Finally, when asked when he would be coming to LA, Malarkey remarked he had “seen a few great locations, but [I] need to focus on get [BURLAP] open first!
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— David Morris