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Rush Snack Bar Is LA's First Ever Metro Convenience Cafe

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LA isn't big on public transportation which probably explains why, up until now, nobody has opened a retail store in any of the city's few subway stations. And for those who were unaware, yes, LA has a subway. However, yesterday Andrew Cohen broke the mold, debuting Rush Snack Bar inside the 7th Street Metro Center Station. Cohen spent years trying to obtain the necessary permits to open, and if this first location is a success he plans to launch additional snack stations at other LA metro stops.

As far as the motivation behind Rush, Cohen said he was inspired by the ubiquitous grab-and-go cafes that exist in metro stations throughout Europe, and he wanted to "bring that convenience to L.A.” Rush offers commuters coffee, candy, soda, chips, and healthier items like fresh fruit/veggie drinks and panini.
·Rush Snack Bar opens, offers commuters healthy, affordable snacks [The Source]

Rush Street

660 S Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90017