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McD Goes Upscale

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Screen%20shot%202011-07-20%20at%2010.45.53%20AM.pngWhen the name "McDonald's" is mentioned, the typical fast food restaurant imagery comes to mind. Red and yellow signage, some booths inside, maybe some free standing tables, and a counter at which one places an order. Right? Wrong. Or at least not in Spring Valley, Las Vegas. Harold and Tina Lewis are flipping conventional McDonald's notions upside down. The couple recently opened a McDonald's franchise that hosts jazz nights in a space described as "upscale and contemporary." Think "deep red and purple accents against an earthy tan palette for contemporary décor. Ottomans help create lounge-style seating areas. On display are artistic bowls...The walls are a mixture of tile, stone and metal wave panels for effect." [LVRJ]