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Lake Street Creamery Opening on Riverside Drive, Hopefully By September

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Perhaps the more appropriate name would be Riverside Drive Creamery, because that is exactly where Lake Street Creamery's non-mobile operation lands. 1221 W Riverside Drive to be exact. Proprietors Beth Colla and boyfriend Tim Ferguson are responsible for the original sweet street slinger which, by early September, will expand to a brick and mortar ice cream operation. Beth explains that the duo are "looking forward to creating a cool place to hang out, relax and enjoy our ice cream, coffees (lattes, espressos, tea etc) as well as some other new items. We will be doing milk shakes and malts, introducing hot fudge and having other TBD items."

As far as design, Lake Street plans to offer outdoor patio seating, free WiFi, even a hitching post for horses! Beth continues on to say "It's a beautiful area and often you see the neighborhood horse owners riding by which is neat....I'm sure we'll have some carrots in the store as well.. gotta have proper treats for the horses!"
·Lake Street Creamery Setting Up Shop in Burbank [~ELA~]

Lake Street Creamery

1221 W Riverside Dr Burbank, CA 91506