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Ludo Lefebvre Looking to Launch LudoBites in New York City

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Ludo Ludo Ludo! In the most recent bout of Ludo Lefebvre pop-up king news, the French chef sold out his seventh LudoBites "traveling restaurant" in one minute (not six), says the chef, and his new tv show on the Sundance Channel, Ludo Bites America, debuted last Tuesday.

Now this. According to The Feast, Ludo was recently in NYC scouting locations for his first New York incarnation of LudoBites which could pop up as early as November but might not come to fruition until next year. As for the space, Ludo says, "It needs to be very simple, but it needs to feel alive in a restaurant. It needs to be more like a French bistro-style restaurant. Not too fancy. I'm not interesting in doing LudoBites in a fancy restaurant [sic]. You know? I like the street feeling we have in LA. Gram & Papas, where we do LudoBites, it has a feeling?" Ludo is considering spaces in Manhattan plus environs, and despite the different dining scenes and diners in New York versus LA, he doesn't plan to alter his cooking style.
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[Photo: Ludo in the kitchen at Gram & Papa's/ Daniel Eats]