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Award Winners from Angeleno's Live & Dine Tasting Event

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On Sunday evening Angeleno magazine hosted its annual Live & Dine LA (previously known as Chefs' Night Out) soiree at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel to toast and taste the work of the publication's 9th Annual Restaurant Award honorees.

Best New Chef Jordan Kahn organized one of the more captivating presentations of the evening within a closed-curtain Red Medicine tent. There, nasturtiums covered walls and Kahn, poised with tweezers in hand, served Guarapo-cured Ocean Trout Wrapped in Baby Radishes from the above pictured “garden.” Meanwhile, Best New Restaurant A-Frame brought Mustard Crab Salad Tacos, Culina’s Vic Casanova rolled out squid ink tonnarelli pasta on site, Best New Hidden Gem Robata Jinya gave out Uni Shooters and we went back for seconds of the Spice Table’s Beef Rendang. Chef Zach Pollack served Crispy Mackerel, but what we really wished he brought was the Porcetto from Sotto that won him Best New Dish.

Best New Pastry Chef Josh Graves of Ray’s & Stark Bar served his yogurt panna cotta, Royal/T’s Red Velvet Cake Truffles made an appearance, and simplethings’ Key Lime, Strawberry Rhubarb, and Banana Cream Pies were gone before the night ended. But we left wondering, why didn’t Philanthropy Award winner Akasha Richmond (Akasha) choose to serve food?

All Winners:

Best New Restaurant: A-Frame
Best New Chef: Jordan Kahn, Red Medicine
Best New Dish: Porcetto at Sotto
Best New Sommelier: Helen Johannesen, Son of a Gun
Best Service at a New Restaurant: Scarpetta
Best New Restaurant Design: Lukshon
Best New Mixologist: Julian Cox, Playa
Best New Hidden Gem: Robata Jinya
Best Atmosphere: Eveleigh
Best Service at a New Restaurant: Scarpetta
Best New Pastry Chef: Joshua Graves, Ray's & Stark Bar
Wells Fargo Award: Akasha Richmond, Akasha
— Kamilla Rifkin