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Screen%20shot%202011-06-24%20at%209.34.51%20AM-thumb.pngFollowing up with Friday's breaking news partnership between Umami and SBE, NRN reports that U-ko, Umami's fast-cas spinoff, will launch in LA later this year. Meanwhile, on the Umami front, in addition to cafes in SF and OC, growth will reach New York, Miami, Las Vegas, and Houston. One would also imagine that, with this new SBE collaboration, at some point Umamis or U-kos will pop up in SBE hotels. And, on the subject of U-ko's eco design and iPad order system, Umami founder Adam Fleischman describes the restaurant as “my version of 21st Century fast food.” In other news, UMAMIcatessen should finally open in November. [NRN]

Umami Burger

852 South Broadway, , CA 90014 (213) 413-8626 Visit Website


852 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA. 90014 (213) 418-6264 Visit Website