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Playhouse Property On The Market for $5M

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So much for hopping from Playhouse to Joe's Pizza for a late night slice. Per, the nightclub, housed in the the old Fox Theater, is up for sale after about two years into the Hollywood scene. Maybe a shocker? Considering the Hollywood club model seems to follow the splashy opening- serve for a year or two- then shutter for a pricey overhaul and reconceptualization. For example, Industry, formerly Area, is in that same boat. BUT, in the case of Playhouse, it appears that management is trying to get the venue of their hands, asking for $5 million, which lands the *lucky* buyer about 12,500 square feet of shimmy space. Interested parties can contact this guy, or this guy. [EaterWire]

Update: Playhouse owner Rob Vinokur says: "Playhouse in NOT for Sale??the land and property is for sale and the Business does not come with it." So, partying followed by late night Joe's shall ensue.


6506 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90028