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Silo Vodka Bar Brings A Second Vodka Box to Los Angeles

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Elizabeth Daniels 6/11

This pretty little thing right here is none other than the newly opened Silo Vodka Bar which debuted in the Haas Building on June 25. The 2,000 square foot venue designed by Interior Illusions encompasses two floors, offers bar seating, communal seating, private seating, outdoor patio seating, upstairs lounge seating -- which brings us to Silo's vodka freezer. Look familiar? Of course you remember the Vodbox at Nic's Martini Lounge in Beverly Hills. Well, Silo added its own vodka box in which one can pay (per shot, with a one shot minimum) $7-$50 to taste premium, rare vodkas, but only after bundling into the requisite warm coat -- just like at Nic's. Check out the photos up above, those vodka rooms suuuure do look similar.

Mixologist Casey Irvine (The Must) runs the bar show here and despite the venue's name, he does mix and muddle non-vodka- based libations. And, if hunger strikes, Silo offers a few bar bites, like steak skewers, sliders, and fried artichokes. Silo is now open daily from 4PM-2AM.
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