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Tim Burton- Approved Food and Drink at Ray's and Stark Bar, El Cochinito Updates Interior, MORE!

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MID-CITY— Through Halloween, Ray's and Stark Bar have collaborated with director/artist Tim Burton (whose exhibit is now showing at LACMA) for a Dr. Burton cocktail and two Tim Burton-approved dishes. The cocktail was inspired by Burton's favorite soda, Dr. Pepper, and calls for rum, cherry herring, Disarono, and Amaro Ciociar ($13). Meanwhile, the Burton-approved dishes include razor clams in squid olive broth with polenta, burned octopus, fresh herbs, and piqulo peppers ($16), and white rabbit with tea in a "mushroom forest" ($27). [EaterWire]

SILVER LAKE— After a three day shutter, El Cochinito Restaurant reopened on July 5 with a slightly revamped interior, supposedly making the restaurant "look less like a hole in the wall" after 23 year of biz. [EaterWire]

OC— Jason Quinn of the Lime Truck will open a high-end burger concept in downtown Santa Ana this summer. The restaurant, Playground, is slated to launch near the remodeled Yost Theater serving "affordable" burgers made from locally-sourced ingredients. [EaterWire]

STUDIO CITY— LAW discovers that FJ Seafood Outlet on Ventura will shutter on July 9 after just six months (the shop was previously located in Elysian Valley). Until the store closes, all seafood is 25% off. [LAW]

El Cochinito Restaurant

3508 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA