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What's The Deal With Michael Voltaggio's Restaurant in India?

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Last week came word that ever present chef of the moment, Michael Voltaggio, has agreed to open a restaurant in India. India? Yes, India. His restaurant here in Los Angeles, Ink., has yet to open, but the chef is already expanding his horizons in another country. Over the past, week the chef tweeted up a storm regarding his "quick weekend getaway" to India, even saying "mom, forgot to tell you, I'm in India for a while if ur looking for me." Sounds like Volt spent most of his time in Mumbai, which is exactly where the restaurant is rumored to open. However, this venue isn't a solo Volt operation, the chef has supposedly partnered with another hospitality group, and Los Angeles interior designer Thomas Schoos will handle the restaurant's aethetic. He, too, returned from India just two days ago.

In other news, Tales of the Cocktail, or the olympics of the mixology world, kicks off in less than two weeks. Supposedly Volt will be there, in New Orleans that is, from July 22-24, for some cocktail tastings related to the restaurant in India. Oddly enough his PR claims to know nothing about this venture. We don't buy it.
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