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Has Taverna 8 1/2 Been Abandoned By Owners?

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Taverna 8 1/2, the casual neighborhood pub touting imported Neapolitan flour used in its pizzas, lasted just about a year. Last summer Sher described the restaurant as "deliciously rebellious," and whatever flicker of attention that drew clearly didn't last for the long run. One reader says, "I drove by 8 1/2 taverna in studio city over the weekend, lights were on but all the beer taps were gone and the tables and chairs were stacked...I also saw a couple of moving trucks and a cop car in the back parking lot too." Meanwhile another writes, "Original report and signage on the wall was that they were closing over 4th of July Holiday for a 'film shoot.' However on Tuesday July 5th the building was found completely empty. They took everything that they could move!!!" Yesterday afternoon the above sign was posted to Taverna's door indicating the property may have been abandoned. [EaterWire]