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Babycakes Opening Second Vegan Bakery on Larchmont

About a year and a half ago Babycakes, the NYC-based vegan bakery with a cult-like following for its animal product-free cupcakes, opened the doors to its first Los Angeles location downtown on 6th Street next to Cole's. The narrow bakery was a success, with most of its baked goods consumed during the day, leaving nary a crumb by closing. Last September owner Erin McKenna said she was eyeing expansion to West Hollywood, but as it turns out she has snapped up the shuttered Pinkberry swirlery on Larchmont for her second LA edition of Babycakes.

Erin is excited to announce that she JUST signed the lease and since this space was previously zoned for food, she expects the bakery to open by December. Per Erin, "We're going to be giving a lot more space in this bakery to the donuts since we were named LA's Donut King (hahaha) but also offering waffles and pancakes so people can come in for a proper breakfast along with the usuals (cupcakes, brownies, cookie sandwiches...)." [EaterWire]