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Amy Pressman Disses Umami; Take A Bao Opening in Oct; Eric Greenspan, Jay Perrin, Jim Hustead Form The Foundation Hospitality Group; MORE!

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MID-CITY— Amy Pressman, partner with Nancy Silverton in their forthcoming Short Order burgery, is not at all worried about that Umami flagship hitting The Grove. According to Pressman, Umami founder Adam Fleischman wants his burger chain to be "the new Fuddruckers, the new Johnny Rockets." On the flip side, every part of Short Order will be "really spectacular and really distinctive." Ouch. [HuffPo]

STUDIO CITY— So it looks like the second outpost of Take A Bao will debut at the end of October. [EaterWire]

AROUND TOWN— In addition to launching Pink Taco on Sunset in November, Harry Morton is also opening another new concept next month. More to come. [EaterWire]

AROUND TOWN—Chef Eric Greenspan (The Foundry), Jim Hustead (The Foundry) and Jay Perrin (GM at Campanile) have joined forces to create The Foundation Hospitality Group. The trio will be responsible for the growth of The Foundry, as well as "expansion into multiple restaurant, hotel and hospitality opportunities." Like this one. [EaterWire]

BRENTWOOD— Chipotle will open on August 17 at the corner of Barrington and San Vicente Blvd. [EaterWire]

Short Order

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Short Order

6333 W Third St., Los Angeles, CA 90036