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Michael Cardenas Will Open Fat Spoon, A Curry and Pasta Shop, on Monday

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Michael Cardenas, founder of IDG (Innovative Dining Group) and the individual responsible for bring Lazy Ox Canteen and Toranoko into the world of Little Tokyo, will open his third downtown haunt Fat Spoon on Monday. Sheesh. This is a man with a plan. The Ox opened in 2009 (winning three stars from SIV), Toranoko opened seven months ago (nabbing a twospot from dear Sher), Fat Spoon opens on Monday, then there's still that Spanish concept slated for Culver City. Fat Spoon's debut comes seemingly out of nowhere...well, not entirely.

Here's the scoop. Cardenas and chef/partner Hiroyuki Fujita (Hamasaku, Sushi Roku) overtook the pillbox-sized East Japanese Restaurant, which just so happens to be right next to Daikokuya ramen. This casual curry and pasta kitchen is more of a fusion abode in which one might find a Kurobuta pork loin curry alongside a Caesar salad (with house-made tofu dressing) alongside pasta tossed with cod roe, seaweed, and shiso. Yup, that's happening, here's the menu to prove it. On the side are dishes like garlic bread, mini corn dogs, plus white/brown rice. For dessert there's tiramisu, pudding, and a couple others. All plates are quite affordable, priced under $12, with many in the $7-$9 range.

And yes, there's booze too. Three sakes, one shochu, a handful of Japanese beers, plus some red and white wine round out the list.

So, this weekend Fat Spoon is holding a friends and fam test run, but once open hours of operation will run Sunday to Thursday 11AM to 11PM, and Friday/Saturday 11AM to midnight. If you want to call and chat about curry the restaurant's number is 213-621-7890.
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Fat Spoon

329 E 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 213 621 7890

Fat Spoon

329 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA