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Fat Spoon Serves Today in Little Tokyo

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Phone: 213-621-7890
Status: Open today
Today Michael Cardenas (IDG) and chef/partner Hiroyuki Fujita (Hamasaku) open the doors to their new curry and pasta concept, Fat Spoon. Located right next door to famed ramen haunt Daikokuya (hence the lines) in Little Tokyo, Fat Spoon offers very reasonably priced dishes, most under $10 for an entree sized potion of pork cutlet curry or vegetable curry. There's a nod to Italy via the pasta section of the menu, and the Italian dish of caponata can be ordered as a side. The restaurant itself is on the smaller side with a few two-tops up front and sushi bar seating down the spine. Do note, the space isn't completely finished. Artwork still needs to be hung, among a few other additions. Hours of operation run Sunday to Thursday 11AM to 11PM, and Friday/Saturday 11AM to midnight. And "don't forget," says Michael, "the Spanish concept is next."
Additional Photos: Eater Flickr Page
Additional Reading: Pre-Opening Alert, 8/12

Elizabeth Daniels 8/11

Fat Spoon

329 E 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 213 621 7890

Fat Spoon

329 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA