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f?nuts Preps For Next Week? Debut, Have A Look Inside

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Last night pastry chef Waylynn Lucas (Patina, The Bazaar) removed the paper covering the windows over at her under construction faux donuts and coffee shop, f?nuts. Naturally, here's a first glimpse inside.

Sparce, without tables and chairs, the place has hints of Norman Rockwell in the form of a sleek black counter and a "fresh & hot" neon sign above the entrance into the back. A chalkboard menu above the register and display complete the look. There's a large espresso machine, and baking trays galore. Lucas and partner, voice actor Nancy Truman, are still perfecting their faux-donuts (baked, not fried), but a sample menu sounds tempting already: strawberry buttermilk, olive oil, rum, peach, and peanut butter & jelly are set to make their debut "hopefully soon." That opening date is getting closer and closer, though it missed its target of June 3 (National Doughnut Day). A press preview is set for next Monday, so we're guessing the official opening will hit later next week.
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