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Xlixe Preps for Grand Opening

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Phone: 213-620-0513
Status: Soft Open Today

Xlixe (pronounced "slice") has softly opened in downtown's Little Tokyo and is preparing for a grand opening event this upcoming Thursday, August 4. From owner Vanessa Baek comes a concept that the press release describes as being "like the quirky love child of a tree hugging hipster and a Lacoste donning yuppie, encompasses all things radically charming."

Still, the restaurant promises to support local charities and serves a menu that crosses global lines. Pizzas like 'The New Yorker' (topped with "grandma sauce," fresh mozzarella, parmesan and fresh herbs), 'The Forager' (mushrooms) and 'The Little Tokyo' (persimmon and rabbit) may satisfy a range of diners. There are panini, salads, calzones, and meatballs. Pizzas come in 12" and 18" and run between $11 and $26. Everything else is below $20. The puns and spelling quirks are on the house. It's like Wolfgang Puck met Woody Allen. Open now for lunch and dinner daily.


432 East 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012