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Fuck You Yelper Calls Out Inane Restaurant Reviews on Yelp

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While hungry diners rely on Yelp for restaurant recommendations and ratings, chefs and restaurateurs aren't always as thrilled with the site. As it so goes in Yelpland, within the food section pretty much anyone can post about his/her dining experience at a given eatery, and posters are able to allocate anywhere from zero to five stars based on how the meal unfolded.

Now this. Check out Fuck You Yelper, a new blog dedicated to calling out ridiculous one or two star restaurant reviews on Yelp. By way of example, Joanne L gave Son of a Gun two stars and here's her reasoning: "the silverware is really cheap, at first i though they were made of plastic. the food is okay." And this one star review by Ginsu T of Olio Pizzeria: "Soda came out 15 minutes after I ordered it. It sucked. It tasted like Club soda with a splash of Crystal Light." Point taken. [EaterWire]