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The Full Reveal Inside f?nuts, Opening Tomorrow

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Elizabeth Daniels 8/11

After last week's sneak peek inside, here now the full final reveal of f?nuts, the joint bakery collaboration between pastry chef Waylynn Lucas (The Bazaar, Patina) and partner, voice actor Nancy Truman.

Firstly, f?nuts opens tomorrow so plan accordingly. And the f?nuts or faux (baked) donuts, first sampled at Taste of the Nation, come in flavors like Peanut Butter & Jelly, Strawberry with strawberry yogurt glaze, gluten-free Banana Chocolate, vegan/gluten-free lemon, Rosemary Olive Oil, Maple Bacon and Chorizo & Cheddar. So, yes, both sweet and savory. Also expect some seasonal selections, like this fall one will find Pumpkin-squash, Ginger, and Chocolate Peppermint f?nuts.

The cafe itself is pretty small, previously serving as Kiss My Bundt on the corner of Third and Crescent Heights. There's some counter seating against a wall with half a dozen stools, otherwise guests are invited to grab and go. Coffee of choice is LAMILL and just remember, don't call it a donut.
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