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New Vegetarian Restaurant Headed to Eco Space in Echo Park

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DJ/producer Goura Chandra and Raffi Roumdikian, owner of downtown's Seven Bar, have partnered up to launch a new vegetarian restaurant in the above pictured eco-friendly loft building on Alvarado. An opening is expected early next year.

Chandra, who has been a lifelong vegetarian, says that dishes served at the unnamed restaurant are based on "all my crazy and tasty food creations," and while he will definitely oversee foodstuffs, he will most likely not serve as the day to day chef. In addition to a conventional dining room and lounge, the restaurant will also encompass a to-go counter selling wraps, sandwiches, and salads "in our mini Whole Foods-type convinience store which will be a part of the restraunt (no dividing walls)."

And because vegetarians do like to drink, expect plenty of booze. For the most part, the alcohol program centers around micro-brews and boutique wines, but cocktails will be available as well. Chandra says that he's a big fan of craft beers and has a big hop craving :) (his smiley face, not ours). For both food and drink, he plans to source locally and seasonally. Right now the space is raw and a full build-out is to come. Oh, and because Chandra hails from a music background, he intends on lining up DJs to play "cutting edge alternative music" in the restaurant's lounge area. [EaterWire]

1030 Alvarado St., Echo Park, CA